Endless tons of food + yard waste are thrown out each year; adding to our landfills + increasing greenhouse gases. I am taking a small step to reduce my carbon footprint by starting to compost.


Thousands of tons of food waste are thrown out annually in the u.s. Trash releases methane gas into the environment which directly correlates to our increasing climate change. Moreover, the EPA estimates that landfills are the 3rd-leading cause of methane emissions in the country. Hello… problem!¬†However, there is something we all can do to help reverse this problem + make a direct impact on our environment. We can compost!

I have already made a conscious change to buy organic more + more but I knew I needed to do more. Composting your food scraps, yard debris + non-recyclable paper will turn your ‘trash’ into high-quality soil that has endless benefits. The best part, cities across the country are making it even easier to compost at home. I signed up for denver’s compost program which provided me with a green cart to collect my compost, along with a small kitchen pail. I can easily toss my scraps into the pail that I keep under my sink + then dump into my green cart every few days. Every week when my regular trash + recycling is picked up, so is my compost. A quick trip to a commercial facility then turns my collected materials into the richest soil amendment… compost.

compost graph

By signing up for a compost collection, you can reduce the amount of waste you throw away by as much as 50-75%! In the past few months, I have seen a significant decrease in the amount of ‘trash’ I throw out. I am also a hell of a lot more conscious about the produce I buy + about eating our leftovers. If your city does not have access to a compost program, I encourage you to reach out to your congressmen or find a local community garden to use your scraps. Oh, and something I didn’t know… compost doesn’t stink. It instead smells like the forest floor after it rains.

Redefine what was one waste. Join the compost movement.


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This post is not sponsored, I just wanted to share my personal opinions + encourage everyone to be more conscious about their food waste.

Written by Jaime
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