I have a passion for food that runs deep inside me. Part of this passion has included me learning more about food trends, food production and the benefits of eating quality ingredients. There has been a major shift for most consumers to eat locally + seasonally. Not only does the food taste worlds better, it is an ethical effort to make an impact on our environment. If you happen to live behind a rock, let me quickly tell you (there’s endless scientific info to back me up) that producing + growing food takes an exorbitant amount of energy. Likewise, the greenhouse gases expelled into our environment from growing + producing food is astonishing. It also majorly impacts our ecosystem. It takes a ton of energy, chemicals, water + land to produce food. Not to mention, the sheer power and cost to grow, ship and ultimately distribute.

If you have ever picked up a juicy tomato from the farmers market in the middle of summer and eaten it side-by-side with a grocery-store variety, you can instantly taste the difference. It’s sweeter + the flavor is much more pronounced. OMG so good! Often times, I would argue that most organic produce taste leaps-and-bounds better than normal produce. Yes, it costs more but it is probably grown locally by a small-batch farmer without the unnecessary chemicals that large corporate farmers use to yield such large crops.

organic farming

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While I do not always buy organic produce, there are some things I am willing to spend a couple extra dollars on. It gives me piece of mind to eat (and feed my son) food that is not laced with chemicals. Case and point, watch this video on strawberry production. If it does not convince you to buy organic strawberries, I don’t know what will.

Likewise, I tend to buy organic meat and dairy products. First, I feel better consuming an animal that was grass-fed and not pumped full of chemicals while stuck in a cage its whole life. Second, I have read so much research on the impact beef production has on our rain forests, farm land and water supply, I have a hard time supporting an industry that is so out of line with my personal views. Steak is not cheap and I sorta feel like it shouldn’t be. I don’t eat steak multiple times a week so when I indulge in a great cut of beef, I am at peace paying a bit more for it. Additionally, if my purchase then supports a local business, hooray, I did a little part to help support my community.

organic farming


When you enter the world of household products, beauty items + cleaning supplies, there is a lot more confusion. The FDA does not regulate these industries the same as food. Similarly, there are a lot of brands + companies that have false or misleading claims on their products. I have become more conscious of the items I bring into my home since becoming a mother but I still struggle on when to save or splurge.

Organic toilet paper is confusing to me, as are diapers. That was, until cohen got a horrible rash that no ointment, cream or over the counter product could fix. We ultimately figured out his diapers were the culprit. Who knew?!?! While I try not to buy these unless necessary (they are sizable more pricey!) I have started to use a few more organic products around our home. I have slowly started to adapt the mentality, if it is going on our skin or could be ingested, I will try to buy organic.

Like I mentioned a moment ago, we found out early on cohen has very sensitive skin. In the process of swapping out his products, we started to replenish some household supplies with organic varieties. It just didn’t make sense to wash our sheets in a different product if he ends up having tickle fights or early morning cuddle sessions on our bed. However, when it comes time to disinfect the bathroom, clean up after breaking down a chicken or the occasional potty mess on the carpet (I’m talking to you rocco!), I go the chemical route every time.

organic farming

Let me quickly note, I am not an expert in this field by any means. I have a passion for food that is insatiable. Over time, I have gained interest in how my food is grown. Furthermore, I love learning about food origins and where my food comes from. My hunger for knowledge has helped me seek out additional resources + fuel my interest in knowing more about how to protect our environment while also providing healthy + sustainable food for my family.

I have been deeply affected by the following sources. However please note, many contributing factors play into why I care so much about food production + caring for our environment. I encourage everyone to educate themselves on the products you bring into your home + feed to your family.

Written by Jaime
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