Hi there! Welcome back from your weekend. Denver was unseasonable cool all week and then what do you know… the 80-degree temps came out, along with the sun, to make for a very enjoyable weekend. I spent as much time in the sun as I could, soaking in the last of the warm summer weather before it is gone for good.
Friday started off on a high note, coffee from corvus on my way into the office followed by a great gym session post-work. I just got these new tennis shoes and I think they might be the main (only) reason I am excited about going to the gym as of late. At least something is getting my butt in gear.
Saturday was gorgeous and I could not have been happier that ryan’s mom planned for us to all go to the summerset festival together… tasty food, day drinking and a car show, all in the beautiful weather. Sunday I tailgated with ryan before heading into the broncos vs chiefs game. It was hot, I was tired and the broncos defense was questionable-at-best but the broncos came out with a win in the end. We wrapped up the night by eating dinner on the patio and then watching a couple episodes of mad men… our newest tv show that we have began watching on netflix.
Hopefully you had a nice weekend too. If you have any great suggestions for next weekend, I would love to hear so I could include them in my ‘this weekend you could….‘ series! 
Written by Jaime
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