With ryan traveling for work, I had both kids on my own for an entire weekend of quality time (and more time) with mommy.

It was a beautiful sunny september weekend that felt only a little less perfect because my favorite person in the world was on the other side of the country for work. Ryan left before the sun came up on saturday morning for a flight, leaving me as a single parent for the weekend. I honestly had never had both babes with me, alone, for an entire weekend before. Yet, we made the most of our endless hours together. I wonder if they got as frustrated with me as I did a couple of time with them?! Seriously though, we made so many lasting memories together + had an awesome time. Our house was only mildly trashed for part of the weekend too! 🙂

Cohen is obsessed with 3 movies… and only 3 movies in the whole world, bolt, ratatouille + the good dinosaur. However, in the last week we have watched moana about 30 times, 8 of which might have occurred over the past 48 hours.

Warm but not hot days make for ideal weather to walk to our neighborhood park. Blake rolls along in the stroller happy as can be. While cohen, he zooms along on his ‘scooty’ as fast as his little legs will propel him.

The 3 of us went to the grocery store together for the 1st time + did not have a single break down or a tear shed. I thought going places ‘alone’ together was going to be a lot more difficult but I was pleasantly surprised.

Liz + peyton stopped by for a walk, a couple well-needed beverages + some quality time with the kids on saturday afternoon. I am so beyond grateful for their willingness to play with cohen + cuddle blake as often as they can.

My parents + I took the kids on the light rail downtown for brunch at tupelo honey sunday morning. Bloody mary’s, pancakes, great conversation + a lot of laughing was the perfect start to our sunday.

Cohen did a few dozen laps in the fountains at union station again. He seriously loves running through the water, splashing + laughing the entire way.

I finished every episode of the defiant ones on hbo. I am mildly obsessed with dr. dre + hip hop music from the late 90s and early 2000s. So, to see the inter-workings of the industry + what a monumental role he played in the progression of hip hop is mind-blowing to me.

Oh, and before ryan left, we picked up sushi from izakaya den + a bottle of wine friday night. I seriously could not be happier to have the best sushi in denver but in the comforts of my home + pj’s.



What did you do this weekend?


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