My weekend was spent celebrating the mother’s in my life over two days of bbqs at my house.  I took a half day on friday to get some things ready, specifically fill my planters with colorful flowers.  Two trips to home depot later and I am quite happy with the results (more on that this week).
Ryan grilled up marinated chicken, shrimp skewers and kabobs over the two days.  We also indulged in tasty desserts like ryan’s grandmother’s famous chocolate cake and also strawberry shortcake with extra of whipped cream.  Hours were logged on our back patio with our families which was the ultimate goal when ryan and I renovated our backyard last summer.  
Oh, and my parents, sister, husband and I all busted out our bikes for a family bike ride down the south platte river trail on sunday morning.  I had not been to this part of the trail before so it fun to explore a new area; too bad I got a little too much sun and ended up with a bit of a burn on my shoulders.  ouch! 
I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend!
Written by Jaime
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  1. BethAnn May 13, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    I just adore that photo of the Schwenzer ladies! So beautiful you all are. And of course te photo of Tito and Rocco comes in as a close second. 😉

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