Halloween 2016 was a good one. I would even say we maximized almost every spare moment in the month of october with endless seasonal fun. While I might be a little tired, the memories we made + experiences had will last a lifetime which is by far worth it.

This past weekend leading up to halloween was a true treat. Ryan’s office hosted a trick o treating event on friday afternoon which cohen absolutely loved. He tromped around the entire office, leading us through all the fun decorated areas with so much excitement. While he truly had no idea what was going on, I think he loved the attention, all the colorful costumes + being able to walk around so freely. We joined my parents for dinner that night at racca’s pizzeria. While cohen was not super into dinner, he loved coloring with his grandpa + going on a walk with my mom.

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Saturday was our big pumpkin carving get-together with ryan’s family. We went to my inlaws for a mexican feast, followed by pumpkin carving. My nieces came up with the cutest pumpkins + were not afraid to get in and pull and the pumpkin guts out (my very least favorite part). As for cohen, he helped our friend jenny clean out my freckled pumpkin from the pumpkin festival a few weeks ago. It was adorable to watch them dig out the seeds; cohen truly loved getting his hands into it + being involved. We carved 7 pumpkins which looked awesome when lit up at the end of the night.

As for Halloween, cohen had a parade at daycare where he actually wore his noodle hat the entire time. I was shocked by this news as it was difficult to get him to keep it on for photos. We went to ryan’s mom’s house for our annual chili dinner + passing out of candy. Ryan + cohen handed out the majority of the candy together which of course melted my heart because those two have such an incredible bond. Cohen again, loved the excitement, all the colorful costumes and that he could continually go outside… his absolute favorite thing.

I went to bed with the fullest heart last night. Experiencing holidays through my son has added so much meaning + importance. As he gets older, it just brings such excitement too. Halloween is always one of my favorites but I think this year’s truly took the cake.

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