This past weekend, we not only got in some much needed ‘adulting’ but we also played in denver’s first snow of 2018. Here is a little recap of my weekend…

weekend update

Denver got it’s first snow of the new year + it was the most welcoming sight to wake up to on sunday morning. We spent all of sunday in our pjs at home which was pretty prefect in my book. However, we lived it up on friday + saturday before the storm hit.

weekend update

After 7 very long months… I finally got my hair cut + colored. I don’t know why I put it off for so long but getting that refresh did a number for my confidence.

Our friends chip + nicki joined us on friday night for dinner at tavernetta. We had killer cocktails + some seriously good fresh pasta. The conversation was flowing + so were the drinks.

My family watched brave + up about 10 times this weekend.

Blake is officially sleeping in her crib + cohen has slept through the night despite her wake-ups. Now, if we could only get him to stay in bed to at least 6am. #earlyriser

Chip + nicki’s daughter also had her 1st birthday party on saturday. The minnie mouse themed party was so cute + cohen had a blast running around + playing with all the littles.

I have been talking to my girlfriend lindy for nearly 2 months about getting together + finally we were able to make it happen. Dinner + dirty martinis was a definite highlight to my weekend.

Cohen played in the snow while ryan shoveled on sunday afternoon. Getting him all bundled up in his winter gear to go out with daddy made me endlessly happy.

I tried out a recipe for minestrone soup from my sunday soups cookbook. While it didn’t pack as much flavor as I wanted, it was a warming dinner on a cold sunday night.

I have quite the busy week ahead of me but I have some great new content in the works too. I hope to see you back here later this week!

Written by Jaime
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