And just like that, summer collapsed into fall. Here is a little recap on my first days of fall…

It is crazy that summer is over + somehow denver’s weather knew it was time to do a 180-shift as well. I was hoping to get up to the mountains to see the aspens changing color like we did last year. The forecast had different plans for us though. With highs in the 50s, it didn’t feel right to bring blake out into the elements. Instead, we spent some quality time at home with our family.

It dropped into the 40s at night so we had to turn on the furnace… in september! This was the earliest I have ever had to kick the heat on but I didn’t want my little babes to get cold in the night.

Extra large pots of coffee were brewed both saturday + sunday due to 2 children who wanting nothing to do with sleeping either night. Cohen + blake were both under the weather + sadly no one in this house slept much because of it. Anyone want to babysit?

On friday afternoon, we stopped by a new-to-us park on our way home from daycare for some sliding + swinging. Cohen called it the ‘dino park’ because of the large purple dinosaur. I did my best khaleesi impression while cohen wouldn’t go near the dino because he was afraid it would bite him.

Sunday morning cohen + I baked some banana muffins together. He is definitely in a ‘mommy phase’ which has both it’s highs + lows. However, having him in the kitchen with me, with his little feet dangling off the counter + him jabbering away, that is always a major high.

My parents came over on sunday for the broncos game. The game ended in the bills favor which was not what any of us wanted. Luckily we ordered fried chicken from the post chicken + beer so not all was lost. Oh, did you know they have an NFL special every thursday, monday + sunday? 8 pieces of chicken, 2 sides and 4 biscuits for only $30!

I made spaghetti for dinner with my favorite + oh-so-simple homemade sauce recipe for dinner on sunday night. A bottle of red wine + a bit of dvr after the kids went to sleep (temporarily!) was the perfect end to our weekend.

What did you do this weekend?



Written by Jaime
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