I am back from a glorious weekend spent with my little family of 3 (technically 4 if we include rocco). It was sunny, we had practically no plans on the calendar and lots of time to just be together. We spent our mornings sipping on coffee from steam, going on walks around our neighborhood and talking endlessly about home design, architecture, cohen, our hopes for the summer months and probably a dozen other topics as ryan + I walked from block to block. Our leisurely morning routine of being together as a family… typically outside and with coffee in hand, has quickly become one of my favorite traditions as of late. It sets our weekend off on a great tone and puts me the most happy mood.

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We attended one of ryan’s cousins’ graduation parties on saturday night and while cohen was a bit fussy for some of the party, we all had a great time hanging out in the beautiful backyard. I think cohen was over-tired and was also, over-stimulated with all the sights, sounds + people that he was not super interested in taking a decent afternoon nap. Oh well… we powered through and that little boy was smiling away (in between the occasional shout and yawn).

Ryan + I were craving a good bloody mary on sunday and both knew a trip to park burger would be the perfect cure. After our tasty lunch, we indulged with an ice cream cone from sweet cow. We sat on a nearby park bench in the shade… occasionally giving the smallest of bites to cohen of my strawberry ice cream which he loved. I think this boy is going to love dessert, just like his momma!

It was a good one… this weekend of ours. I don’t want to wish time away but I sure do look forward to our weekends, especially when we are able to make the most of our time together as a family.

Written by Jaime
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