The sun was shining all weekend and after denver’s late-winter/early-spring snow storm last week, everything was looking green + beautiful. Our walks around the neighborhood were filled with budding trees + plants, tons of bright tulips and my insanely-loud and annoying sneezes! Yep, spring is in the air and my allergies have me feeling foggy, looking puffy and a bit like rudolph after blowing my nose dozens-upon-dozens of times. Cap that off with a bit of a head cold and I was a dream to be around… I would ask ryan to confirm but I would be scared to hear his answer. ha!


Cohen sadly has his 2nd! double ear infection and while he has been such a trooper with his overall demeanor, endless smiles and laughter, my heart just aches for him. We are back on antibiotics after a saturday morning trip to the pediatrician and we are hopeful that this round will knock the infection out for good. Ryan + I both have our finger’s crossed.

In all seriousness, our weekend was a good one. We celebrated our friends’ son’s 6th birthday at an army-themed party, had drinks + snacks at the new tavern pearl st. and also got a big house project completed that will be a game changer for our home (more details to come on this one!). On sunday we made it over to my parents’ house for an early dinner because we wanted to be home for the season premiere of game of thrones. The weekend ended with ryan, rocco + I snuggled up on the couch, watching our favorite show and sipping on hot tea.

Here is to a great week ahead…

Written by Jaime
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