Welcome back from your weekend. If it was anything like mine, you spent some time watching ncaa march madness, frolicking in the sun, eating yummy food with your family and dodging a bit of raining weather. 
Friday night ryan and I stayed in and made enchiladas together. The recipe is from ryan’s grandma and I can proudly say our rendition turned out pretty awesome. On saturday I got my hair colored and relaxed at home for the afternoon as the rain/snow came rolling into denver. Ryan planned a big family chili night that evening which perfectly fit with the cool weather outside. The fire was blazing, the chili was tasty and the company was ideal. A perfect saturday night in my book.
We were greeted with sunshine on sunday which I could not be more grateful for. After some cleaning + organizing of our basement, we made our way to the cherry cricket for some burgers, bloody marys and basketball. One the way home we stopped and got our first ice cream cone of the year from bonnie brae. Seriously so good! A lap around the park with rocco and a trip to the grocery store ended our weekend nicely. 
How about you? What were your weekend highlights?
Written by Jaime
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