I am feeling a little sluggish this morning (probably because I was awake from 2:30a – 4a) so my weekend update is going to be short and sweet today. Our weekend was spent with close friends + family, eating + drinking together and it was fabulous. 
Friday night we had our friend brian over and we grilled up some burgers and wings. Saturday we ran tons of errands in the daytime before heading over to matt + lindy’s house for an evening spent on their partio. Rory was especially pleased with his dad’s grilling skills as he took down a steak completely on his own. 
Sunday morning we made bacon + eggs before a serious spring cleaning to our house. It took forever but everything is sparkling now and looking nice. To wrap up the night, we had a low-key family dinner of pizza + wings. Like I said, family, friends and food.
Happy monday everyone, I am off to get some more caffeine.
Written by Jaime
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