What an awesome weekend… I think it was one of those that I will look back on and wish I could repeat multiple times. Between getting together with great friends, seeing both sides of ryan and I’s family and then some super tasty food, our weekend was just full of everything I love. 
Friday night ryan and I stayed home for a night in. Ryan shook up some martinis and grilled us a tasty dinner that we enjoyed on the couch while watching a movie. Call me crazy but something about staying in on a night that typically are spent ‘out’ is just my favorite thing these days.
On saturday we checked out the blues and brews festival with our dear friends matt + lindy. They brought their adorable boys rory + wade so we got to play ‘cool uncle ryan and aunt jaime’ for a couple hours which I absolutely loved. The rain came rolling in for a bit so we sipped our craft brews under a lil’ tent-thing but luckily the sunshine came creeping back in to make for a fun afternoon with some of our most favorite people. 
Sunday was all about family for us… we did breakfast and some shopping with ryan’s family that was then followed up by dinner + dessert with mine. We cuddled puppies, laughed at ridiculous stories and just spent quality time with our loved ones. I went to bed with a fully belly and a smile on my face last night which I think is the best way to end a long weekend.
Written by Jaime
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