It’s Soup Season

My favorite veggie-forward, protein-packed + light(er) soups, to keep me warm + full in the New Year.

New year, new me. Or in all reality, the same me but I’m trying to be cleaner, more conscious + less glutinous. Life is all about balance, right?

soup - brothy-poached-chicken-with-mushrooms-and-fresh-chile

We are a couple weeks into 2019 + while I didn’t post (or actually even set) any new year’s resolutions, I do have one goal in mind. I need to prioritize my health!

I want to re-start a fitness routine to up my energy, strength + confidence. Truly, this is going to be my biggest battle but I am committed! Additionally, I want to reset my system by cleaning up my diet.

Soup is one of my favorite things to eat + make. You can develop a ton of flavor + depth while also cramming in tons of veggies, flavors + textures. Also, there is no better time to eat soup than in the cold dreary month of january.

Here are a few of my favorite soup recipes for the new year. All of these recipes are veggie-forward, full of fiber, protein, antioxidants + nutrients. But… they also taste (and look!) delicious.

Hearty, veggie-forward + protein packed soup recipes.

kimchi + veggie soup: good for the gut, tons of veggies + a soft boiled egg for some added protein + velvety texture.

chicken rice soup: almost a porridge like texture due to the sticky rice which compliments the strong asian ingredients.

spicy healthy chicken soup: spicy but light… not something all chicken soups can claim. The best part is this soups versatility comes from the endless veggie combos you can throw in.

dashi stracciatella: this broth has so much depth + the egg ‘strands’ make it extra filling.

brothy poached chicken w/ mushrooms + chile: I cannot wait to make this during a snow storm to fill my belly with tons of umami flavor, rich broth + a hint of spice.

cleansing ginger chicken soup: ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory + is also a great way to calm your stomach. I just want to eat this by the bowl full.

spicy kimchi tofu stew: a great hangover cure or soup to make when you want to nourish your tummy with a well balance broth full of acid, spice, salt + fat.

root vegetable zoodle soup w/ bacon + basil oil: veggies + bacon are a perfect compliment to each other + this recipe looks like a great way to eat the rainbow of root veggies available during the winter months.

italian wedding soup: I love italian wedding soup + this recipe is chocked full of hearty leafy greens which lightens up this classic soup.

green posole w/ cod + cilantro: posole is a mexican stew filled with herbs, tomatillos, onions + chile. This recipe’s addition of cod ups the protein + I am all about it.

cauliflower cashew soup w/ crispy buckwheat: the slow simmer of this soup is where all the flavor comes from. Tons of depth + blended until silky smooth but with the textural element of the crispy buckwheat. Yum!

chickpea + celery soup w/ chile garlic oil: chickpeas + full of fiber + protein. Paired with a bit of spice in a flavorful broth just sounds amazing.

2019 hearty + healthy soup recipes

Do you have a delicious soup recipe to share? Please feel free to leave a link in the comments below!

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