I am wanderlust in the worst of ways + I feel like it’s time to start planning a new adventure.


It’s no surprise that I have a serious case of travel-envy. I feel like all my social feeds are filled with endless photos of summer getaways. As I scroll through all these beautiful shots of far-away-places, I am sitting on my couch snuggling my little girl or up in the middle of the night, feeding her a bottle. My current reality does not involve vacationing. While I am 100% happy with this season of my life, I also cannot help but feel a bit jealous.

Ryan + I joke that we would go a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e. on a vacation right now. We have such a love of traveling, especially together. Exploring a new place, immersing ourselves in another culture + taking a moment to reset, there are so many positives to getting away. The power of travel is real and planning a trip is almost as exciting as jet-setting away. Having something to look forward to + anticipating all the fun, can do numbers for ones mental state. Likewise, I don’t know a single person who does not feel recharged, refreshed + relaxed after a much deserved vacation.



It’s hard feeling like your foreseeable future is going to be rooted in a 20 mile radius of your house. I realize that a big trip does not make sense just yet. However, we have been talking more and more about the need to start planning a trip. Even if it’s a quick weekend getaway or a multi-day affair to a place we have never been. While we might not be jumping on a plane tomorrow, just thinking about a vacation a few months from now has got me smiling.

As a momma to 2 small babes that I am constantly waiting on + caring for, I really want to go somewhere where the tides are turned. While some of our previous trips have included a lot of action + go-go-go, I think slowing down is what I need now. Here are my ideal vacationing wants right now…


Wanderlust  //  My Vacation ‘Want List’

somewhere warm with lots of sun

a location that has a great pool or body of water to lounge beside… with a waiter to bring cocktails!

preferably within the continental u.s. or somewhere that is no more than a 3-hour flight away

a hotel with lux rooms + amenities but still affordable

close to a great restaurant scene or multiple options on property

a place with some type of activities… a decent gym, hiking trails, bike paths, yoga or tennis



So here’s the big questions… where should we go?


Written by Jaime
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