The Biggest Night In Film // Academy Award Season 2019

Get your ballots ready & pop some champagne for the biggest night in film is nearly upon us.

I love movies. Psychological thrillers, romantic comedies + documentaries are some of my favs. However, the movies that get my utmost attention are the ones that are nominated for academy awards.

denver historic movie theaters - oscar nominations

There is something about award season that makes movie watching more than just a way to pass the time. The films are some of the best in the industry (at least by the opinions of those in the AMPAS.) Additionally, they help challenge, transport, inspire, inform + fantasize, all while entertaining you with stories unlike your own.

A couple weeks ago, the 91st annual academy award nominations were announced. I got a surge of excitement rush over me as some of the nominations were movies I have already seen this year.

denver historic movie theaters - oscar nominations

In just a few days, oscars will be handed out on the grandest stage in film. I might be in the minority, but I was a bit disappointed with the number of ‘blockbuster’ + mainstream movies nominated. Personally, I always associate independent, artistic + lower-budget films with the oscars.

As always, the biggest category of the academy awards are the films nominated for best picture. Below is a list of the nominations along with an * on the films I have personally seen. So, if you want to watch any of the trailers, just click on the corresponding link.

denver historic movie theaters - oscar nominations

2019 Best Picture Nominees

black panther *
blacKkKlansman *
bohemian rhapsody
the favourite *
green book
roma *
a star is born *

denver historic movie theaters - oscar nominations

Additional Films I’ve Seen

Of course, there are dozens of additional films that have nominations in other categories outside of best picture. Sadly, I have seen a dismal number of them… worse than any year prior! A quiet place + ready player one + incredibles 2 are all I can accurately account for watching. Wow, I have some serious work to do + only a couple days to do it!

All of the photos in today’s post are from iconic theatres around denver. These historic beauties + some of my favorite places to catch a show or performance… their rickety old seats and all 🙂

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