(lime  /  teal  /  gold  /  pink  /  white  /  nude  /  royal  /  black  /  orange)
Do you know the Archer Sandal by Dolce Vita?  It might be the cutest, most colorful, chic and quintessential sandal for your pretty little toes all summer!  I have had my eyes on these babies since my trip to San Diego back in April and I have just now found a deal good enough to make a purchase.  

Yesterday on Ideeli.com these sandals were on sale, $30 off their original price.  I snatched up a pair of the pretty pink ones and am waiting in anticipation for them to arrive to my door; in which I will have to come up with outfits that can incorporate the sandals at least a few times each week!  I suggest you pop on over and see if there are any left in your size before they are gone.
Written by Jaime
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