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This year I am hosting thanksgiving dinner for the first time. It’s a ‘bucket list’ undertaking that I cannot wait to take on. My dad is helping me with the actual dinner (thank goodness) because I am a bit overwhelmed to tackle the turkey all on my own. However, to put my stamp on the holiday, I decided to set up a beautiful but simple cocktail hour to enjoy earlier in the day.

I have partnered with notable wines to create a casual wine tasting which I paired with some delicious bites to complement the wine. Notable carries two chardonnays with varying flavor profiles. One is an oaky + buttery chard, layered with vanilla + scents of stone fruit. The other varietal is crisp with flavors of lemon, peach + melon. In general, chardonnays pair well with roasted poultry, white fish + shellfish, along with mild, buttery or creamy dishes. Yet, chardonnays can be easily overwhelmed by aggressively spicy or over-seasoned food.

For my wine tasting, I decided to serve 3 appetizers which play into the mild flavors of both chardonnays. To compliment the oaky + buttery chard, I roasted gulf shrimp with herbs + lemon. As for the crisper chard, I baked a warm ricotta, garlic + chive dip, paired with crispy crostini. Moreover, chardonnays taste great with the creamy cheeses. I bought a triple-creamed brie to serve with crackers + green apples.

Thanksgiving is all about bringing people together + creating memories. I did not want to fuss with complicated decor or serving-ware. In my mind, less is more. Some fresh greens + wood elements make things feel comfortable + inviting. Then, a few beautiful wine glasses add just enough sophisticated style. More often than not, I will dig through items I already own to curate a mixed palette with varying heights + textures. Another suggestion, walk outside + find natural elements to bring indoors. Again, keep it simple so there is less work for you, the host.

Notable wines are a great compliment to your thanksgiving traditions. Their chardonnay varietals make for a fun wine tasting because you can compare their distinct flavor profiles. This year’s thanksgiving is one I am proud to be taking on. I cannot wait to invite my loved ones into my home to create lasting memories together.


Photos by Jenna Sparks. Follow her on Instagram

Written by Jaime
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  1. Lori November 19, 2017 at 3:19 am

    Sounds delicious 😋. Great pairings!!

  2. Dwan Perrin November 20, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    Your spread looks beautiful! I love how easy it is to pair food with the chards since the flavor profiles are listed on the bottle. ~client