We are entering holiday season lovely readers. Everything is festive, there seems to be magic in the air and endless traditions to savor.

The holidays are all about traditions… creating new ones while also, celebrating the tried-and-true. With thanksgiving only weeks away, I of course, cannot help but think about the traditions I love so much.

my love for food / thanksgiving / traditions / family / food / recipes / holidays

I associate thanksgiving with my dad cooking in the kitchen. Followed closely by a few sticks of butter sitting on the counter, cans of chicken broth + an oven full to the brim. It is a chaotic but exciting few hours in the kitchen. My whole family chipping in to get everything on the table at once. I recently read an article from anthony bordain about his adoration towards thanksgiving. For a man who has traveled the globe to eat practically anything, bordain prefers a traditional meal that evokes memories from his past. The more traditional the better actually. Likewise, I prefer to stick to the handful of recipes we make annually; they all taste amazing + fill my heart with happiness.

I sound like a broken record but tom colicchio’s herb butter turkey + gravy recipe is my favorite part of thanksgiving. My dad always cooks the turkey + we have continually made this recipe without deviation for nearly a decade. The gravy is the best part + the single item I look forward to every year. Quickly followed by tyler florence’s stuffed sweet potatoes. Side note, ryan recently told my family that this dish would be part of ryan’s ‘last meal’. What a compliment to my dad + one more reason this dish will be made annually.

my love for food / thanksgiving / traditions / family / food / recipes / holidays

my love for food / thanksgiving / traditions / family / food / recipes / holidays

After our feast at my parents, we always head to ryan’s family’s house to continue the celebrations. In my 15-year relationship with ryan, we have built some deep-rooted traditions that I hold close to my heart. I can recollect many years where we sat as a family in liz’s kitchen, tearing bread for homemade stuffing. This simple act, done late in the evening hours, as stories are told + laughs are had, is a personal favorite of mine. Likewise, I always look forward to ryan’s family’s green bean casserole + traditional sweet potato recipe. The sweet potatoes are topped with fluffy marshmallows that are gooey + soft from the oven, so yummy.

Thanksgiving is 100% about family and I love that my day is filled with it from beginning to end. My mom always goes out of her way to set a beautiful table, every detail taken care of + planned out perfectly. Ryan’s family has a similar tradition. They set up an extra table so everyone can sit together + share in a prayer before digging in. These moments, details + traditions are truly what this holiday is all about. And, while cohen is still too young to understand any of it, I am so excited to share our traditions with him. Honestly, it is one of the biggest thrills for me as a mother, thinking about the years ahead where we cook in the kitchen together, break bread as a family + maybe even bake a pumpkin pie just the two of us.

Intention, gratitude, love and togetherness… what thanksgiving is all about!

Written by Jaime
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