feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative

my nieces. It is amazing how I loved you, before you were ever born or even knew who I was. The way you each see the world with your big beautiful eyes is so amazing and something I wish I had more of. I am grateful for every moment I get to spend with you and every time you say, ‘jaim, I love you’.

pandora. You push me to keep running during a grueling trip to the gym. You add perfect ambiance while cooking in the kitchen. You liven up a party with your ability to pick songs based on my mood and environment. You rock, literally.

traditions. Every breakfast for dinner monday, card games on thanksgiving, pumpkin festivals each fall, coffee dates on friday and smoked salmon on christmas morning, I am so thankful for the rituals you bring. No matter how big or small, you bring people together and will be passed on to others with love.

girlfriends. You women inspire, strengthen, support and give selfless friendship. I am proud to have such amazing women in my life to experience this world with.

naps. You are the best way to spend 20-40 minutes in my book. No matter if it is a weekend afternoon, a quick lunch break or after work to detox the day, you are welcomed and gratefully accepted any chance I can squeeze you in.

Written by Jaime
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