thankful quote
feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative

family. I am blessed to have a huge extended family of cousins, aunts, uncles, in-laws, sisters, nieces + grandparents. Ryan’s family welcomed me with open arms from the get-go, as did mine for him. Our extra large family is everything + I could not imagine my world without them.

compassion. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and looking at the world through another’s eyes is not always easy. Taking the time to be understanding, sympathetic + graceful are traits that I value at such a high level. I try to have compassion everyday and I am grateful for when I receive it in return.

naps. 20-40 minutes of uninterrupted, peaceful lounging is everything after a long day, a hectic schedule or a lack of energy. While I love every waking moment with cohen, I am thankful for his mid-day naps that allow me  to do just the same. Likewise, I will never pass up the chance to squeeze in a nap when I occasionally have the house all to myself.

date nights. an evening out with my husband is a less often occurrence but one I relish every chance we get. Regardless if it is a mid-week movie date, pizza + beer at the bar or a nice dinner out, I love it all. Which makes me also extremely grateful for our family who either offer to watch cohen or never turn us down when we ask for their help. There assistance + willingness to babysit makes me overcome with gratitude.

my blog. in the 5 years of writing south on broadway,I have met an amazing community of people. This blogesphere is full of creative, supportive, inspiring + strong people who are doing what they love. I have had so many opportunities presented to me + encouraged me to keep this passion-project going. I love that I can document my life, inspire others, fuel my creativity + grow.

Written by Jaime

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