As tomorrow marks the first day of fall, I cannot help but reminisce about the highlights of summer.

Summer has come and gone, how can that be? I honestly feel like these past 3 months have flown by. Maybe that’s because they were filled with so much fun. Oh, and we had a baby consuming a large majority of our time. It is easy to say that the highlight of summer was the birth of our baby girl blake. However, we also had some seriously amazing experiences that will forever make summer 2017 one for the record books.

Just like the lyrics in the popular song from grease, ‘summer lovin, had me a blast’!

Blake elizabeth was the kickoff to our summer. Since her arrival we have been snuggling her like crazy and been counting our blessing for her health + happiness. She will forever be the best part of 2017!

We hosted another successful + fun 4th of july party with our family and friends. I am giving us double points as this party was only 5 weeks after blake was born.

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Our weekends were filled with family time. From walks to the park, swimming, quality time at home or visits to our favorite farmers markets, we made the most of our weekends by getting out into our neighborhood.

Cohen celebrated his 2nd birthday! My little tiny boy has turned into a full-blown toddler with a personality + curiosity that is building each day.

We completed (nearly) a huge backyard project. The addition of our fire pit patio has been the biggest transformation in our yard. You can bet that after the kids are to bed, we are more often than not, sitting in this new space.

There are so many little things I feel like I could add to this list; the day-to-day highs that leave my heart feeling so full. I had the chance to stay up late with my most favorite girlfriends in the world, laughing the night away. There were countless mornings where I was barely awake but cuddling my kids on the couch, that looking back on, were so special for all of us. Ryan + I got in a few date nights together, to reconnect + talk without interruption. I got to work with some of my most favorite friends for some blog collabs + photoshoots, a major highlight for this little blog of mine. And last but not least, the multiple bbq’s, sunday night dinners + random get togethers with our families… priceless moments that tie this summer together with a beautiful bow.

2017, you have been very good to me + my family. Thank you for all the memories! Fall, I am looking right at you and I honestly cannot wait for everything you will bring our way.


Written by Jaime
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