I am over the snow, freezing temperatures and all that comes with the winter months… yes even cozy sweaters, cute boots and over-sized scarves are not cutting it for me anymore. I need sun, sand between my toes and a good book to waste away my afternoons reading.
Spring break is calling my name and luckily for me, ryan and I booked a vacation a couple months ago that is nearly here. I can already envision myself lounging in a beach chair… losing all scope of the real world with the rhythmic sound of the waves crashing onto the beach. I recently picked up these sunnies and a new swimsuit for our trip, now all I need to do is restock my supply of sunscreen and set up a couple playlists for my ipod. 
Here are a few of my spring break essentials which will most definitely come in handy very, very soon!  
(clockwise from top left:  bikini  /  portable speaker  /  tassle necklaces  /  beach bag  /  espadrilles  /  sunscreen  /  bikini  /  iphone case  /  tote bag  /  stacked bangles  /  sunnies  /  cover up  /  panama hat  /  flip flops  /  nail lacquers  /  sunscreen  /  maxi dress)
Written by Jaime
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