16 years ago ryan asked me to be his girlfriend at a dave matthews’ concert in boulder. I wrote about that day here, 365 days ago. It was the best day and the past 16 years have been pretty perfect as well.

(an out-take from our engagement photos in 2011)

While I will not lie and say we have the perfect marriage, I will say that it is the only relationship I have woken up every day, wanting to work for and towards no matter what. Ryan + I have had our ups + downs, like any couple and we have experienced some major highs but also gone through some difficult lows. Yet, through it all, we have remained each other’s best friend. Likewise, we have become closer through every positive and negative experience.

I know there is no other person in this world that I would want by my side. He is the only person I want to navigate this world with + write chapter after chapter in my book of life. In 16 years we have accomplished a lot too. Besides just growing up, we’ve graduated college, bought 2 houses together, traveled to far away places + brought 2 beautiful children into the world. That seems like a lot, yet, I know there is so much more that we will do together.

Somehow this time feels like it has gone by so fast. I guess that is why the saying ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ makes so much sense.

My love, happy 16 year anniversary. I have told you a million times that the best decision I ever made was marrying you. However, that would have never happened if 16 years ago today, you asked me to be your girlfriend. Thank you for this amazing adventure and the beautiful life we are building together!

Written by Jaime
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