A year ago now, I celebrated my first mother’s day. It was such an emotional + exciting time to be on the receiving end to a ‘holiday’ that had always been about the influential women around me. I was finally part of that club of mothers who I had admired for so many years.

Cohen is now 19 months + I am still in such constant awe. I catch myself just staring at him, watching his every move + the facial expressions he makes. Honestly, he might be my most favorite form of entertainment. I never thought that watching a child from across the room could keep my attention for so long. If you would have asked my 22-year-old-self, I would have probably rolled my eyes at the thought.

Since becoming a mother, I have seen a huge shift in myself. My priorities have changed, as have my interests, patience, schedule + overall ability to carry on a conversation when he is in the room. #mombrain is no joke. However, I think I am a better version of myself in many regards. I have confidence in myself (something I seriously lacked earlier in life) + a sense of purpose that drives my everyday. Yet, I also recognize areas that I need to improve + aspects that I need to be better at accepting.

The biggest lesson I have learned in the world of motherhood, is dedication. This ‘job’ is 24/7, non-stop and the time + effort that goes into a child, is a bigger commitment than I could have understood prior. There are no sick days (even when you feel like your are knocking on death’s door) + not a moment goes by without them in your thoughts. But all that time, worry, lack of sleep + so many other big + little things are so worth every second. Parenthood really is, sooo good! Gratefully, I also have an incredible 50/50 parent in every regard. Without him, I don’t know if I could do this alone. For sure, I can guarantee cohen would not be the social, happy, loving + engaged child he is today.

And just to wrap up this posts, here are a few additional thoughts I have since becoming a mother…

family is truly more important than anything

being on time is a great goal to aim towards everyday… even if I only hit it 20% of the time

naps are essential for everyone

cohen wakes up at the same time, regardless of how late we are up or if we have a couple too many glasses of wine

my house might be a bit less clean but it is full of endless love

there is no such thing as too many pictures

getting a babysitter + making time for your marriage + friendships are essential to keeping your sanity

my body is a far cry from it’s glory days but it is impressively stronger in many regards

parenting makes you a better multi-tasker

I will take every snuggle, rocking to bed + kiss I can get because I am sure at some point, they will happen less often

caffeine is essential

‘sleeping in’ is anything after 7am and rarely occurs

I am fiercely more protective, sensitive, over-analytical and aware of cohen

getting help + support from family is invaluable

sharing food, bathroom breaks, cutlery, your bed + germs will inevitably happen

there is no better feeling than your child melting into your arms

packing ‘just in case’ snacks, wipes, toys + sunscreen are always a good idea

I honestly have no idea how single-parents do it all… I want to give all of them the biggest hug

it is 100% worth it, everyday to be a mom

Written by Jaime
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  1. Lori May 11, 2017 at 1:43 pm

    You inspire me with your boundless optimism and bright outlook that I am not sure I had when you were little and I was going through the same things with two young daughters.