My first baby… a fur baby officially turned 6 this week. I am a few days late but happy birthday to my teacup yorkie, rocco paco lopez!

Rocco’s turned the big s-i-x earlier this week. Wow, how can that be? His birthday might have come + went without much celebration but I am blaming that on the season of our lives right now. While he might enjoy napping more than any other activity these days, rocco is still up for a game of chase each night. In previous years it would be ryan or I throwing a ball but now, cohen runs around the house, ball in hand, as rocco chases behind him.

Likewise, one of cohen’s only ‘chores’ is refilling rocco’s food bowl. This task is not only wildly entertaining for cohen but watching rocco run in circles waiting for the bowl to be filled is beyond precious. Same goes for when cohen gives him a treat each night when we get home from daycare. Rocco waits patiently (mostly) as cohen meticulously picks through the tin of treats to find the perfect one.

I will admit, rocco probably doesn’t get nearly enough attention compared to his younger years. He was our number one priority for so long but after bringing cohen + blake into the world, our focus + time has changed. I sadly am the worst offender of this too. At least we get to spend some quality time together in the day time when the house is a bit more quiet + less chaotic.

A favorite activity of rocco’s has always been chasing the squirrels in our backyard. Luckily, this has not changed one bit. He still tears it up every morning when the squirrels are the most active. Cohen even points out squirrels when we are out + about, quickly saying ‘sku-wool… walk-ooo!’. I love that when rocco is running about in the yard, he looks just as youthful as he did when ryan surprised me with him 6 years ago.

I know I might not show it often but I love my fur baby endlessly. He was the biggest life change (in the absolute best way) for my 28-year-old, more selfish self. Rocco taught me about priorities, patience, family, being present + forgiveness. So, while it is a few days late, happy birthday my little rocco baby. I love you!


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  1. Grandma October 26, 2017 at 10:11 pm

    Happy birthday my precious little granddog🐾🎂🎉