Happy friday… (and st. patrick’s day). While I am not celebrating the later, I am looking forward to a sunny + exciting weekend ahead. I don’t want to give away all the details just yet but I am working on an upcoming collaboration with an amazing cook (and blogger). We will be spending a good majority of our sunday in the kitchen being inspired by all things spring, before joining some friends to break bread with us.

Sharing a meal with someone is an experience that instantly brings you closer. There is conversation + interaction as you dine together. All of your senses are being stimulated as you eat a meal that someone prepared… hopefully with love. You can taste the intention + heart they poured into the meal which makes every bite that much better. Likewise, I don’t know if there is a more heartwarming gesture than opening your home to others. When you invite people into your house, you share a piece of your private life with them. If a connection or friendship is not made while dining in someone’s home, I would be shocked.

Today’s quote is a testament to this very principle and the main thought guiding me into the weekend ahead. Oh and these fabulous images are so inspiring. The beautifully set but simple dining space is just stunning to look at. The styling of this shoot is so minimal but impactful with the hanging leaves and linen backdrop, adorned with today’s quote. Something about approachable, easy + natural elements just make this fall decor feel so inviting. I will need to keep these styling tips in mind for our meal this sunday for sure.

Enjoy the next few days + make the most of your weekend ahead. I will see you back here next week.

all images from sunday suppers.

Written by Jaime

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