Happy may 1st. I could not get over the endless memes about ‘it’s gonna be may‘ last night + have been laughing about them since. Oh justin timberlake + nsync, you are just so fabulous!

Okay, back to today’s quote.


You know those people who say, ‘I was so busy I forgot to eat lunch today’ or ‘I haven’t had a chance to stop + eat anything all day’. Yeah… I am not one of those people. I also, cannot relate to the world of missing a meal because life got in the way. Even on the most hectic of days running around with cohen or a full schedule at work, I will always find at least a few minutes to stuff some food into my pie-hole.

Just like luciano pavarotti quoted above, stopping to enjoy a meal is one of the nicest parts of life. Our need to replenish + refuel our bodies is not only essential, it is an opportunity to pull ourselves away from the go-go-go. Yes we all might eat on the run or have a quick meal in the car from time to time. Yet, taking the time to sit down and instead, turn off the chaos makes any meal more enjoyable.

I hope everyone takes the time to sit down with a plate of food today. Dedicate a few moments to yourself and enjoy each bite of your next meal. It will hopefully be a highlight of your day amongst all the craziness that monday’s can bring. Happy may 1st!



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Written by Jaime
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