It is crazy that I shared our baby announcement 2 1/2 months ago but have yet to post any follow-up details on how things are going. I thought I would do a quick pregnancy update similar to the posts I did for cohen but also incorporate how things have differed with this little girl I am growing now.

Currently I am 33 weeks which puts me about 6 weeks from bringing baby #2 into this world. I have had 2 fairly easy pregnancies which I truly, do not take for granted. Yet, their have been a few very noticeable differences between these 2 pregnancies…

Weight gain. The majority of the weight I put on with cohen was primarily in my belly. Consequently, I did not ever tell my employer I was pregnant until 18 weeks because my baby bump was fairly modest + easily disguisable. Additionally, (and I do not mean to brag at all!) I wore the majority of my regular wardrobe, mixed with a few maternity pieces, for the entirety of my pregnancy. This time around, I was squeezing into jeans (that I could not even button) + struggling to get dressed around 12-14 weeks. While I have not put on the same amount of weight, my belly is far-more noticeable + larger at this stage than it was with cohen.

Maternity clothes. Like I mentioned above, I bought very few maternity clothes with cohen. He was born in september which allowed me the luxury of wearing stretchy knit dresses, maxis + tunics in non-stop rotation. My easy-breezy summer go-to’s were unwearable, until just days ago. However, if I want to be real honest, getting dressed is a daily struggle. Clothes do not fit my larger belly + I am usually unhappy about my appearance.

Exhaustion. I had the normal, lack of energy in my 1st trimester with cohen but baby no.2 is a whole other story. Cohen is such an angel but does take some energy to get out the door, fed, bathed, played with + put to bed each night. My lack of energy + complete exhaustion after 8pm is humorous most days. I have had to rely on ryan to do so much more than I would ever ask/expect/want than before. It doesn’t help that I have been sick 4 times since finding out I was pregnant.

Anxiousness. I have always been an over-thinker/planner but my eagerness + wonder with having 2 kids under 2 has been emotionally exhausting. I am excited but apprehensive of how ‘hard’ it will be and spend more time than I want to admit, thinking about this. So many people have kids close in age but sometimes I wonder if my abilities are there. Ryan is such an active parent + reassures me often that we are in this together. I honestly could cry just thinking about how blessed I am by this amazing man! We have talked about my anxiousness a ton throughout this pregnancy but I cannot help but overthink the littlest of details.

The timeline. Just like any ‘first’, cohen was an all-consuming thought process. I eagerly waited for the weekly email about his development + size. I talked to my family + friends weekly about how I was feeling, the baby’s progress + upcoming doctor’s appointments. Hell, I even had monthly blog posts about my baby-on-the-way. With this little girl, I didn’t even really start to feel pregnant until almost my 2nd trimester + regularly ‘forgot’ I was growing a human because I had so much else consuming my day-to-day. Someone actually asked me the other day how far along I was and I had to stop and count it out on my fingers. #embarrassing

I don’t want to sound like a downer or that I am not over-the-moon about this little girl. I am ecstatic and cannot wait to meet her in just a few more weeks! Ryan + I are fairly certain that we will not have any additional children after baby no.2. So, I am trying to relish in every kick, doctor’s appointment + little moment along the way.  I just had a baby sprinkle this past weekend and I will be sharing all the fun + photos here soon. There is so much love surrounding me right now + I could not be more grateful.


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