We’re adding an intimate but functional patio to our backyard this summer; perfect for late-night lounging + relaxing at home.


Last summer I revealed the pergola + the landscaping renovations we made to our backyard. The updates were exactly what we were looking for + we have logged countless hours outside since. We love the structural + architectural elements of our pergola. In addition, it helped define the dining + grilling space of our backyard.

However, from the moment we bought our house, ryan has talked about how to better design + use our outdoor space. Our property backs up to an alley + the previous owners installed the back fence approx. 25 feet from the alley. They rocked-in the back 25 feet but it has been un-utilized since the day we moved in, outside of housing our trash + recycle bins. Ryan suggested we extend our backyard by tearing down the back fence to create a lounging area.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that we ‘broke ground‘ on a new patio project in our back yard. Well, since then, ryan has not only built an entirely new fence, we have also added a 16×20 foot space to our yard. Now, this area is about to get a lot of attention, as our plans are coming to fruition. Our overall goal is to build a planter box around the perimeter of the space with a stone patio in the middle. We have pulled the trigger on a couple items but to help visualize our plan, I have created an inspiration board.

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I cannot wait to share more of the details soon as this project is one of my most favorite to-date. Hopefully everything will be nearly finished before our annual 4th of july party in just a couple weeks.



Written by Jaime
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