Happy national pi day. Any holiday that is even slightly-associated with food is a winner in my book. While pi and pie are two very different things, I am all about celebrating today. I could write a post about my struggles + frustrations with math from a very young age but I don’t want to bore you. So, instead I’m rounding up some tasty pie recipes. My husband is not a dessert man. He is the guy who would much rather have an after dinner drink than anything sweet (the polar opposite of me!). Yet, he does love a mean slice of pie. I too will take down a slice of pie, especially if it involves fruit or a billowy pile of meringue.

The best slice of pie I’ve ever eaten was in west palm beach, florida. We were visiting ryan’s cousin brianna and she took us to this low-key spot in town for lunch and insisted we each get our own slice of key lime pie. After 1 bite, I totally understood why we each needed our own slice. Bright and creamy with just enough sweetness to balance out the tartness from the fresh key limes. If there was a pie to eat on #nationalpiday, it would be this one, hands-down.

(left to right: prettiest apple pie  /  apple blackberry pie  /  cranberry pie  /  peanut butter pie  /  salted caramel hand pies  /  blueberry peach pie  / deep dish pumpkin meringue pie  /   banana icebox pie  /  key lime pie)

Written by Jaime
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