Prepping, planning + a bit of finger-crossing, I am attemping my first thanksgiving dinner in my home this year. Here is how I am prepping for the big day.


Our thanksgiving traditions have been unwavering for over a decade. Notoriously my parents hosts us for an early afternoon meal + then we join ryan’s family for a late thanksgiving dinner. It’s a lot of food + a bit of driving but I couldn’t imagine it any other way. Ryan + I are both so close with our family’s, so, I love that we get to break bread with everyone on a holiday that is all about family + gratitude.

However, this year my dad proposed that we cook dinner at my house. Without thinking much of it, I immediately said yes but moments later, the panic set in. I have never cooked a turkey before + the pressure to get everything on the table at once made me instantly start to sweat. I still do not grasp how so many dishes (that all must be cooked in the oven at different temperatures) can get done on time when a big bird is taking up so much oven real estate. Eekkk! Luckily my dad is coming over to help me prep the bird. In addition, I am relying on our family’s favorite thanksgiving recipes which I have helped prepare multiple times in the past.


Last week I sat down with my dad to meal plan + divide up the shopping list. Now it is time to start prepping. Today I am heading to the store to pick up my portion of ingredients. I’ll also get a couple bottles of wine + some last minute decor for the table. I am also pulling out all my serving ware + labeling each piece with the dish that it will be used for. While this might sound a bit over the top but being organized + prepared helps my anxiety subside.

I know thanksgiving is about coming together with those you love. I highly doubt anyone in my family would be too hard on me if perfection was not met. So wish me luck + if you have any helpful advice, I am all ears.


Written by Jaime
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