Monday Momma-hood Moment // Quality Time

Happy monday mommas! I recently got a ‘ol reality check + a nice reminder that quality time is by-far, more important than anything else in my children’s eyes.

cohen 2017 photos - monday momma-hood moment: quality time

Last week, in the mist of my husband being on a 5-day business trip + a long weekend of single parenting, I planned a mommy-son date. I had the best of plans for a momentous day. In my mind, I wanted to make my ‘special day’ with cohen something mind-blowing + out of his ordinary routine.

Ironically, my big plans exploded in my face. It was almost comical how every thing kept going wrong. Sadly, my immediate reaction was disappointment + frustration. I felt like I failed as a mom. In the midst of a mid-morning errand, I took a quick moment to refocus. 

cohen 2017 photos - monday momma-hood moment: quality time

cohen 2017 photos - monday momma-hood moment: quality time

I knew I was was stuck at a crossroads. The day was going downhill fast + I had to choose to either  throw in towel or suck it up + make the most of it. Without hesitation, I chose the latter.

In the end, our day was nothing insane. We ran a couple errands, spent lots of time driving + ended up splitting a gooey-delicious grilled cheese sandwich at the bindery. Oh, and cookies!

Yet, there was an overall lesson that became more + more apparent through out the day. Cohen did not care how our day unfolded. He was just happy for the undivided attention from his momma. We held hands + cuddled. Additionally, he took advantage of our alone time, having me carry him to + from the car. We talked + laughed endlessly. Likewise, at lunch, we sat on the same side of the table.

cohen 2017 photos - monday momma-hood moment: quality time

Motherhood comes with endless distractions. I constantly struggle to feel like I am giving anything my undivided attention. Truly, I could not have been more grateful for my date with cohen.

It was a  much needed gut-check to continue carving out time in my life for my priorities. And, I cannot think of anything more important than soaking in every moment I can with my beautiful babies.

How do you foster quality time with your children, spouse or personal interest? Do you have any advice on how to stay focused?


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  1. Nice post! Amazing what we think is important vs. kids

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