Welcome back from your long weekend. I hope yours was wonderful. Mine was fairly low-key I could not have been happier about that. Something about going into a three-day weekend and not having every minute filled with a plan was quite nice and a bit of a change of pace in my world. 
As I mentioned here last week, my sister-in-law peyton graduated from high school on friday night. What I didn’t know, was she also graduated with honors as a member of honor society and with a 4.2 gpa. Oh so proud! It was awesome to be part of the many people there cheering her on and to see her walk across the stage in all her glory.
On saturday we decided to ditch our plans and be lazy at home. We took rocco for a walk, grilled out and drank wine on our porch. It was nice to have a slow intimate day just ryan and I doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company at home.
We attended the first (of what I hope will be many) farmers markets on sunday. I bought some beautiful heirloom tomatoes which I am going to use in a caprese salad tonight. The afternoon was then spent at wash park for our bbq our friend brian organized. We played volleyball, bags and were lazy in the sun until an afternoon storm came rolling in. With the weather a bit iffy, ryan and I grabbed dinner at cherry creek grill before venturing over to the bluebird theater to watch our friend josh perform with his band. Sunday was by far our busiest day of the weekend but jammed pack with fun.
To wrap up our extended weekend, our monday was spent nearly entirely in our yard. We replaced a couple plants that did not make it from last year, filled in our mulch, took care of the yard and just got things back to normal after a week of crazy wind and rain. The evening was then spent at my parents house for kabobs and baked potatoes. A great ending to our three-day weekend.
Written by Jaime
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  2. Ryan May 29, 2014 at 9:12 am

    I would prefer more of these weekends!