Instagram Frustrations + the Direction I’m Taking South on Broadway

With ever changing algorithms, engagement has become an increased challenge with social media + blogging. One more reason authenticity is so important to me.

Hey… it’s me! The small but mighty blogger who has weathered many storms in my 8+ years at south on broadway. I have been through tons of growth, change + my fare-share of challenges through the years.

A huge component of being an influencer + blogger are the social apps that support my platform. Instagram, facebook, twitter + pinterest are my social jams. However, instagram is my preferred choice. It’s also where the majority of my traffic comes from.

Or at least it used to be.

blogging, instagram + authenticity for influencers

A Drop in Engagement

Over the past several months, I have noticed a huge decrease on instagram in aspects of my engagement. My ‘likes’ have plummeted… nearly 50% on a typical post. However, my comments have held strong; if not even, increased.

What is more confusing to me is, why? Why would my impressions stay similar yet my ‘likes’ go down? What has changed in the content I post to scroll on by, but not engage?!?!

Okay, let’s all acknowledge the elephant in my last couple paragraphs. I should not care or put so much value in the ‘likes’ of a post. And in most cases, I don’t. Yet, when brands + monetary opportunities decrease, it correlates + effects the way I view my social feeds.

blogging, instagram + authenticity for influencers

So, What’s a Girl to do?

I could always, refocus my feed. Only post content that has a specific look + feel. I could live + breath presets; curating a feed that is visually stunning. I could even spend countless hours, searching for popular hashtags.

Or… I could continue to be me + push forward with authenticity. Being real has always been my priority, even if it doesn’t look cohesive or as ‘pretty’ as some of the accounts I love to follow.

At the end of the day, I want my followers to come back to my platforms because there is value. If that’s real life recipes, motherhood challenges, a restaurant review or even just a really beautiful photograph of the city I love… then I am happy.

This is me… take it or leave it 🙂

blogging, instagram + authenticity for influencers

All photos by ana from rosemary + rye at denver photo collective.

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