As I mentioned on new years, one of my resolutions for 2014 is to be more present in the moment. I just saw ‘i forgot my phone’ on youtube and watched it in awe as I saw daily interactions being completely missed by people absorbed in their phones. The worst part… I have been that girl, way too much. Missing out on a congratulatory toast because you want to capture it in a photo and being with those I love and not hearing/seeing something that matters because I want to check my instagram account. Ugh, it really struck a cord with me and it further solidified in my mind that I need to be better.

If I take a quick pick, I can #latergram it at another time. If I want to check into the social media outlets of the world, it can be during some down-time alone. This is going to be a conscious decision on my part but if you catch me slipping up, please feel free to grab my phone and chuck it across the room call me out.

Written by Jaime
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