My little cohen dean is officially 2… a smiling, friendly, outgoing, happy + energetic toddler that fills our home with so much love.

Wow, how has it been 2 years since my baby boy came into this world? He was our precious + fragile little angel who captured our hearts + made us parents. At 10:20am, he joined our family, weighing 7lbs 8oz. And, against all my wishes, he has grown like a weed ever since. I was in disbelief when he turned ‘uno‘ last year but now 2?!??! I just cannot figure out where the last 365 days have gone.

Our little cohen is a thriving toddler with endless personality + curiosity.

He is happiest outside, playing with his mower ‘mo mo’, riding his scooter up and down the sidewalk, waving hi to every car + truck that goes by or running around in any form of water he can get his hands on. He lives + breathes to¬†follow his daddy around the house; mimicking his every move + expression. If ryan is doing yard work, you can bet cohen is right by his side, wanting to help. Ryan has endless patience with cohen too. I love that he always gets down on his level to help him figure out a toy or to talk about what cohen might want/need.

For the better part of cohen’s 2 years, he has been obsessed with cars + trucks. He loves to point out every type of vehicle that he sees on the streets. I am constantly impressed that he knows the difference between a motorcycle + a scooter. In addition, he can point out a jeep, bus, firetruck, ambulance + van, never ceasing to tell you how loud they all are.

We are definitely entering the stage of life where cohen wants to show his independence. He likes to do it himself… regardless if it is eating with a fork/spoon, wiping his face, washing his hands or going up + down the stairs. Likewise, he loves the word ‘mine’ and is not afraid to tell you what he wants. Yet, when he does get frustrated, he is beyond precious when he says ‘help you’.

I mentioned it in yesterday’s weekend update but cohen has a very particular taste in movies. Early on he fell in love with the movie ratatouille. I don’t know any other toddler who’s attention span can be kept by this slightly slow, parisian movie about a rat cooking in a professional kitchen but my son, he could watch that movie multiple times in a day. ‘Tee-too’ was his favorite for months!!!! Recently we have added in a couple additional loves, ‘dino’ which is the good dinosaur + the doggie turned superhero, bolt. Cohen loves to run around the house ‘fast like bolt’. Oh and ‘zoom zoom’ on scooter like the character does in the movie.

As far as foods go, cohen is a self-chosen vegan. He hates every form of meat. I try sneaking it into his food but he will pick it out or spit it out of his mouth once it’s detected. Luckily he loves hummus, avocado, pasta, yogurt, scrambled eggs, milk + cheese (in any form) so some protein is getting into his diet. However, my little boy also has quite the sweet tooth. Cohen loves ‘dough dough’s’, ‘rolls’ (cinnamon rolls), ‘coo coo’s’ (cookies) and ‘cream’ (ice cream). We have officially had to start putting sweets out-of-sight on the counters because he will lose it if he sees them. I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree!

This weekend we are having a very small family party for cohen to celebrate his big 2nd birthday. I am sure this next year is going to be just as fast as the last. And it will be coupled with all that comes with a raging toddler. I am loving this stage of cohen’s life + every day, I feel so blessed to be his momma.

Oh my babes, my heart is so full because of you!

Written by Jaime
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