To my husband on your very first father’s day,

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This year marks your very first father’s day to our beautiful son. With his deep chocolate eyes, so eager to see + take in everything he can, cohen is a spitting image of his daddy. From the moment he entered this world, I knew the bond between the two of you would be something so strong, it would be hard to put into words. The light in your face + your heartfelt smile when you two are together honestly, melts my heart + makes me tear up just thinking about the way you look at him. I love hearing you two play together… all of your laughter, funny sounds and silly songs (that you make up on a whim) are the sounds that fill our home. Cohen is happiest when he is on his daddy’s shoulders; another way you two bond + play like no one else.

Your dedication to both dropping off + picking him up from daycare is something that constantly empresses me (and makes me a bit envious). I could not be more grateful that you drop everything, everyday to go get our boy… no matter how busy you might be or how your day may unfold. You some how manage to keep our yard looking pristine, the bills paid, our house in order (while sometimes still not as clean as either of us would like, ha!) and keep our family taken care of. On top of all the work you have, your travel schedule and the immense pressure riding on your shoulders, you still find time to see your family, help people out, get in the occasional workout, give attention to rocco and make time for just you + me. Simply put, I am overwhelmingly amazed and blessed by all you do.

father's day / cohen / 1st father's day / holidays / family / personal / bebe

You have wanted to be a father for a very long time… we used to talk about it years before we were even married. You were always the guy that kids gravitated to at the park when you would take your little sister to play and somehow, you always ended up being the guy who was running around kicking a soccer ball or playing catch with kids at bbqs + get togethers with friends. Early on in our relationship, I knew you were going to be the most amazing father and you have been nothing short of that since the moment cohen was born. You are a 50/50 partner and parent in every regard… doing anything and everything to nurture, protect and provide for our son.

Ryan, thank you for being a selfless, engaged, committed and active father. Cohen and I truly reap the rewards of your dedication. We love you babe!


photography by maribeth ley.



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