Halloween is only a few days away and I think I have a well-documented archive of halloween posts on this very blog. I love haunted houses, visiting the pumpkin patch, decorating my home, + carving pumpkins. Another favorite, scary movies. I still remember the absolute fear I had when I first saw texas chainsaw massacre in the theatre. I was so scared I could hardly watch but somehow I was also captivated by the thrill. Likewise, a couple years ago ryan + I sat down with my in-laws to watch the conjuring. None of us got through the movie without screaming out loud… while someone (who will remain anonymous) even went running into the kitchen in horror. One of my absolute favorite halloween memories to date!

Ryan + I have a few all-time-favorite scary movies that we are trying to get through before monday night. After cohen goes to bed, we have been either sinking into the couch to binge-watch stranger things, or one of the following haunts…

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strangers – a relaxing weekend at a family vacation-home becomes eerily dangerous when 3 masked assailants begin torturing the couple visiting. Their struggle for survival will have you on the edge of your seat.

vacancy – when a couple’s vehicle breaks-down in the middle of nowhere, they are forced to spend the night in a shady motel. After watching a low-budget slasher movie in their room, they quickly discover the events took place in their very motel room via hidden cameras. Quickly the couple realizes they need to figure out how to escape before they become the next victims caught on film.

texas chainsaw massacre – this remake follows a group of young travelers who come across an isolated home in the middle of texas. What they did not realize is the home + surrounding areas is occupied by a family of deranged backwoods killers. Leatherface and the family begin to hunt the stranded youth down… so good.

the village – a suspenseful, plot-twisting tale of a close-knit village in the middle of an isolated forest that begins to be frightened by unknown creatures. A horrible accident occurs + an innocent girl dares to venture into the mysterious forest to find the next town over for medical assistance.

joy ride – a group of 3 friends are driving cross country + to add some fun to their road trip, they begin talking into a c.b. radio. When a practical joke with a mysterious trucker goes astray, the trucker decided to seek revenge for the last laugh.

the visit – a brother + sister make a weekend visit to their maternal grandparent’s farm for the first time. All seems well during their stay until the kids begin to notice increasingly strange behavior from the couple. Once they discover a shocking secret, they wonder if the’ll ever make it home.

halloween – on halloween night in 1963, a 6-year-old boy (michael myers) inexplicably murders his sister in a mid-western town in illinois. He is committed to an institution but 15 years later, he escapes + returns home to kill again.

zombieland – this comedic-thriller tells the story of how a virus turned most people into zombies, leaving the few unaffected to have on ongoing battle against the undead. Following a list of survival rules + zombie-killing strategies, the unaffected travel to the rumored safe-haven of los angeles.

the conjuring – based on a true story of two world-renowned paranormal investigators who help a family that is being terrorized by a dark presence in their secluded farmhouse.

Do you like scary movies? Which scary movie would you recommend adding to the list?



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