Peaches are in season + the bounty of local, palisade peaches has me thinking about all the recipes I can make, utilizing this juicy fruit.

#MyFarm2Table // Door to Door Organics Dinner

(grilling peaches while 8 months pregnant in august 2015)

A couple summers ago I hosted a farm to table dinner featuring seasonal produce. I scoured the interwebs looking for the best recipes to highlight my produce bounty. Out of everything I made, the grilled peach dessert, paired with vanilla ice cream + a balsamic glaze, was a major standout. This simple but flavorful dessert is one I have made a dozen times over since, it’s that good. However, if you are looking for some additional ways to use local peaches this summer, check out my #foodporn round up below.

Recipe: Grilled Peaches with Ice Cream + Balsamic Glaze

serves 6


  • 6 ripe but firm peaches
  • 2T olive oil
  • vanilla ice cream
  • fresh mint


  • preheat outdoor grill or indoor grill pan
  • cut peaches in half and remove pits
  • drizzle peaches with olive oil and rub in to cover all surfaces
  • place peaches on grill for 1-2 minutes, turning just once, to create grill marks on all sides.
  • remove from grill and let rest while you scoop ice cream
  • place a generous scoop of ice cream in each bowl and top with grilled peaches
  • drizzle with balsamic reduction + sprig of mint

From cocktails to savory options, the versatility of this sweet fruit is endless. To help cut the natural sugars, peaches pair great with spices, strong cheeses + pork. I cannot wait to pick up a few more at the farmers market this weekend. I have some cooking to do + the inspiration is endless.

(left to right: grilled peach salad with a maple bourbon dressing  /  strawberry peach sangria  /  braised brisket with a bourbon peach glaze  /  peach coconut cream popsicles with cardamom  /  peach prosciutto + brie tart  /  grilled peach vanilla bean mascarpone honey granola  /  peach + basil flatbread  /  bacon-wrapped grilled peaches with balsamic  /  peach cobbler overnight oats)


Written by Jaime
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