A serious craving for pasta has me scouring for recipes online that highlight fresh pasta + seasonal ingredients.

One of my most favorite things to eat is pasta. In my mind, the texture, flavor, bite + consistency of fresh pasta just cannot be beat. My apologies to the boxed-variety but you just don’t hold a candle to the fresh stuff. I often make fresh egg noodles for my homemade chicken noodle soup but have only tried my hand at spaghetti + ravioli a couple of times. I would love to master this craft + roll out pasta on the regular but I unfortunately, do not have the gadgets + tools in my kitchen currently. Recently my dad invested in a hand-crank pasta maker + a drying rack which has me so envious. I might need to borrow his equipment in the near future?!

Regardless of the season, my pasta cravings rarely faltered. I have been swapping out my go-to pasta recipes that are typically a bit heavier + rich, choosing summer offerings that are light + fresh. Personally, I think pasta in warm-weather months should be simple. I love vegetable-forward options with light sauces or even sauce-free. A couple glugs of good olive oil + some citrus can go a long way. Additionally, to add a bit of protein, I love to sauté shrimp or have ryan grill some chicken breasts to slice and top our pasta with before eating.

To kick off the week, please enjoy today’s #foodporn roundup… pasta edition.

(left to right: spaghetti alla vongole (linguini with clams)  /  fig + prosciutto pasta  /  spicy soba noodles with thai-style peanut dressing  /  cold soba noodles with dried shiitake dressing  /  no-cook tomato + basil pasta sauce pasta  /  lemony pasta with fava beans + peas  /  confit tomatoes with burrata + fresh pasta  /  linguini with shrimp scampi  /  bowtie pasta with fennel, prosciutto + parmesan)

Top photo taken by the fond life.

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  1. Brittany June 21, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    YUM. I am such a pasta freak and love the idea of lighter dishes for summer. Those soba noodles look amazing!