2014 was all about locally sourced ingredients, macaroons, barrel-aged cocktails, nose-to-tail and of course, kale. So, what will 2015 hold for food trends across the country? Bon appetit’s andrew knowlton and the national restaurant association have made their predictions and I cannot wait to see and taste my way though them all.

gyros:  a world-class sandwich that balances crispy spit-roasted meat with pillowy-soft pita bread and cool, refreshing tzatziki sauce. Look for restaurants to put their spin on this worldly sandwich.

environmentally sustainable: chefs and diners want to know where their food is coming from and are choosing food more responsibly. Destroyed rain forests/woodlands, over-fished oceans/lakes and unsustainable farming practices are being scrutinized to put the environment first.

nitro cold-brew coffee: straight off the tap and into your cup, this ice-brewed coffee is infused with nitro to create a smoother, creamier drink.

beef tongue: adaptable to different flavors and delicious when sliced thin and grilled, this adventurous ingredient is going to be popping up on menus everywhere. The experts say, just try it…
new cuts of meat: often called ‘chef cuts’, these less-common cuts are getting new cooking techniques and becoming more available in stores which is also helpful to ranchers to increase profits.


third-wave beer bars – ditch the pint glasses and taps pouring national brands. The new ‘beer-nerd nirvanas’ have specialty glasses, sleek taps, local/small-batch beers and destination-worthy eats. 
Check out the full article from bon appetit here and the national restaurant association predictions here

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Written by Jaime
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  1. BethAnn January 7, 2015 at 2:34 pm Reply

    The last time Hunter and I went to North Dakota and stayed with my Grandma, she had a jar of pickled cow’s tongue in her fridge. I was so horrified but as my mom explained to me, when she was growing up, they had no choice but to preserve and eat every part of the animal. Tongue included. Shudder.

    • South on Broadway January 8, 2015 at 10:32 am Reply

      Wow Beth! I don’t know how you would eat the picked variety but I would be interested in knowing. Now you can tell her that she is ‘so on the 2015 food trend!’

      – Jaime

    • BethAnn January 13, 2015 at 10:40 am Reply

      Haha! She will love hearing that. 🙂

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