Denver bloggers unite! I joined some fellow food bloggers at uncorked kitchen last weekend for a fun cooking lesson + some helpful food styling tips. Attendees are all members of the denver bloggers club, a group of food + lifestyle bloggers in the denver-metro area. The afternoon kicked off with us breaking into groups to prepare our meal… roasted butternut squash tossed with cinnamon + served with a sriracha aioli, to pair with pan-roasted chicken in a white wine sauce. Tons of fresh herbs + simple ingredients made these recipes not only easy to prepare but quite delicious too. I am a lover of very well seasoned food so, I could have used a bit more salt but that’s probably just my personal preference!

(top right photo from rachel, shut the front door  /  bottom right taken by judy, savoring today)

It was great to be in the company of such food enthusiast. While we all had a spectrum of cooking skills, the passion from everyone was undeniable. Likewise, so was the abundance of cameras to capture all of the action. Not quite a year ago, I upgraded my camera to a nikon dslr and while my photos have improved, I have a long way to go in comparison to some. Photography is seriously a skill + an art that I admire. My hope is that I can develop my abilities but the time that go into figuring it all out is no joke. Ugh.

One of the main reasons I was looking forward to attending this particular event was because rachel, from the fond life, was the guest speaker. After our cooking lesson wrapped up, rachel walked us through some food styling tips + tricks. She is a professional photographer with a great eye + aesthetic. Even the most novice of photographers know, natural light is your friend. However, I learned a wealth of knowledge about photo angles, depth of field + creating movement in your images. Additionally, there is a ton that goes into food styling. Props add endless dimension + assist in telling a visual story. Using extra ingredients, utensils, fabrics + boards in your shots brings the images to life.

(above photo taken by teri, taking stock images)

(above 2 photos taken by teri, taking stock images)

We all practiced plating our dishes and using the styling tips that rachel and the chefs from uncorked kitchen shared with us. I typically serve food family style; it’s approachable + interactive which is how I like to entertain in my home. However, I now have some additional inspiration + knowledge to bring into my photography.

A huge thank you to uncorked kitchen for hosting us last week. I personally cannot wait to head back for a summer grilling class or a paella lesson very soon!

Written by Jaime
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