A few of my favorite, all-natural, environmentally AND animal-friendly beauty products that I adore.

Over the years I have made strides to be a lot more conscious about the products I bring into my home + use on my skin… and the skin of my children. We learned early on that cohen had eczema + skin sensitivities. So, we swapped out all our cleaning products, laundry detergent + skincare for scent-free, dye-free options. I also began looking for home products that were environmentally friendly in both the ingredients + the packaging.

Slowly, I have been swapping out some of my daily beauty products for natural + safer options. Why you might ask? One, my sister-in-law recently took a college course that dove into the unpublicized world of how beauty + home products are made. The research uncovered dozens of well-known brands test on animals or use harmful chemicals in their ingredients. I was blown away but more importantly, felt like I could no longer support companies that didn’t align with my personal views.

With some significant research, I have found some awesome beauty products that are either all-natural, environmentally friendly and/or animal-friendly. Moreover, I have been loving their results + I have a clean conscious with my beauty purchases. Remember, our skin ingests everything we put on our bodies. So, just like eating organic foods, we should be mindful of what we consume + apply to our skin. I fully support brands that are doing their part to better the well-being of its users. Likewise, I love when a brand creates products with our environment in consideration.

My Favorite Natural Beauty Products

david’s toothpaste: this natural toothpaste has a focus on sustainability. It also naturally whitens, removes plaque + freshens breath, just like most grocery-store varieties. However, david’s is made with natural ingredients, no sulfates, no fluoride, it’s 100% vegan, cruelty free + recyclable. The question is, why are you not using this toothpaste?

w3ll people bio brightener: there are dozens of illuminators on the market but very few can say they are free of chemicals, cruelty free + verified for non-toxic health affects. This brightener goes on super smooth + blends so well; giving me that perfect glow that lasts all day.

mineral fusions bronzer: a good bronzer is crucial when you’re feeling a little drab or pale. This one from mineral fusions has both matte + shimmer in a small compact, allowing you to build the perfect contour + tan to your skin. I also love that it is gluten free, 100% vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, fragrance free, talc free + hypo-allergenic.

agent nateur deodorant: most over-the-counter deodorants contain aluminum; a toxic chemical that has been linked to alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, dementia + autism. This natural deodorant helps keep me feeling fresh + sweat-free, even on the hottest of summer days.

dr. hauschka facial toner: a spritz of this light-weight toner helps to minimize my pores, balance the moisture in my skin + takes any lingering makeup off my face post-washing. It’s non-abrasive + has some awesome natural extracts like witch hazel + anthyllis. Dr. hauschka has been around for decades + its mission to support humanity + cultivate well-being has not wavered in all their years.


What are your favorite natural beauty products? Do you too look for natural products that are good for both you and the environment?

Written by Jaime
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