This weekend we will be celebrating father’s day. I cannot think of a better time to honor my husband + the father to my children, than in today’s blog post.

Last year ryan celebrated his 1st father’s day. I wrote this post about what an incredible dad he is and it could not be more true now. I am constantly impressed by all that ryan does to support our family + the endless time he pours into both cohen + blake. Over the past year, I have re-read this blog post multiple times too. On days when I need a little dose of gratitude, have had a rough day or just want to get all emotional about what an amazing man I have by my side, this post is exactly what I need.

Here are a few more reasons why I could not be more excited to take a day (when I truly should shower you with adoration everyday!) to thank you for being such a wonderful father…

I love watching cohen follow you around the yard as you work tirelessly to make everything so nice for our home. Seeing you get down on his level + show him what you are doing or have him help you with even the simplest task is amazing. Your patience is endless.

After a long day at work you arrive home, consistently greeting us with the biggest smile + burst of energy. Some days you don’t even get to change out of your office attire. Instead, you are playing in the yard, building a puzzle on the floor or snuggling blake in your arms. Thank you for being so present + active, everyday.

You (and I) constantly say you’re not the best multi-tasker. However, you always seem to find a way to get the kids dressed, fed, cleaned up, packed into the car + get yourself ready, all within a relatively short amount of time. Your focus + attention to detail when it comes to cohen + blake never falters. Now, if you could only work on finding your keys while doing all of the above tasks. 🙂

Thank you for taking so much interest in sharing your goals + aspirations for our children. Hearing your passion about raising our kids + wanting to instill them with traits to succeed, is amazing. I love that we are so in-sync with our parenting goals + can share our thoughts with each other.

I swear cohen has established his sense of humor from you. He is kind-hearted, full of laughter + always making us crack up, just like you do. Ryan, you lighten the mood with your sense of humor + fill our days with so much laughter. I know our kids will also, inherit this trait from you + I could not be more grateful.

You put family above all + we are the ones who benefit the most from your efforts. There is nothing you’re not willing to take on + I am blown away with how much you are able to squeeze into every day. Thank you for your drive, commitment + selflessness.

Everyday I am grateful for the husband, friend, partner and father you are to me + our family. The moment we started dating nearly 16 years ago, I knew you were a catch. Yet, all these years later, you still impress me with all that you are and the man you have become. Happiest of father’s day to you my love and thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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