Endless Love on Valentine’s Day // 2019

An annual dedication to the man who has brought endless love into my life.

Happy valentine’s day! My husband might be the last human to actually read this posts so, this might arrive to his eyeballs a bit late. However, the sentiment + love will be ever present.

valentines day 2019 - honeymoon

Ryan, I fell in love with you when I was 17. I was deep in lust with you + our relationship was a sprint, right out of the gate. We had an instant attraction, connection + bond that was probably overlooked by the majority of the world, due to our age.

Most would have betted against the longevity of our relationship + in most cases, I can understand why. We were ‘dumb kids’ who had yet to figure out more than what college we were heading to. But I knew something that most people did not.

valentines day 2019 - honeymoon

I knew you were the love of my life. My partner in crime. The man of my dreams.

We have been on the most epic + amazing rollercoaster for 17 years. There has been triumph, exhilaration, endless fun + the deepest of love. Likewise, we have had our fair share of heartache, loss, challenges + turmoil. Yet, like any good love story, our connection + commitment to each other has conquered all.

valentines day 2019 - honeymoon

You continue to make me fall deeper in love with you. We have built an even strong partnership through our travels, our milestones + our children. I have never respected, trusted, believed-in or been prouder, to have a single person in my life.

valentines day 2019 - honeymoon

That crazy love from our ‘former selves’ is still inside us. It is an integral part of our relationship’s foundation + something that I would bet on in vegas a hundred times over. Our kind of love will weather any storm; beat any odds + see us through the darkest of days.

Ryan, I love you endlessly. You are my forever valentine. I know I tell you a million times a day that you are my most favorite person in the world but it’s true.

I am happily dedicating today’s post to overly sharing my love for you.

valentines day 2019 - honeymoon
All photos are from our honeymoon in greece from 2001.

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