An idyllic italian sandwich has a combination of cured meats, a bit of spice, tons of texture and classic flavors. Mercantile dining and provisions has an amazing version of an italian sandwich but with an elevated twist. 
House-made mortadella, thinly-sliced salty prosciutto, fennel-infused sausage and spicy pepperoni are stacked high between chewy ciabatta bread. The sandwich also features aromatic marinated fennel, provolone cheese and a delicious hot pepper jardiniére (pickled spices, peppers and vegetables that are diced up small and used as a garnish or topping) that brings the whole sandwich together. The ingredients are refined but approachable and the flavor of the sandwich are recognizable but a bit more cultivated. The sandwich is also massive which makes the price tag, $11, a bit easier to swallow. For someone who eats out for lunch a few days a week, it is a nice to enjoy a meal that is not only filling but features quality ingredients that take a classic iconic sandwich to the next level.

(my itilan sandwich)

Written by Jaime

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