Yellowtail hamachi is one of my favorite dishes to eat; thinly-sliced fresh fish, simple accompaniments and delicate seasoning. The simplicity of the ingredients is where a chef’s finesse comes in,  honoring the fish and not over powering it with too many flavors. 
You can find hamachi on many asian menus but the rendition that executive chef, eric cimino of luca d’italia puts out is not only visually stunning but showcases a true balance of flavor. Razor-thin pickled vegetables (giardiniera) are delicately plated around beautifully sliced raw hamachi. Preserved lemon and black garlic add just enough acidity and earthiness to the dish. The fish is rich with a sweet aftertaste and the giardiniera adds a nice briny flavor to each bite. Every ingredient on the plate has a purpose and each bite reiterates the thoughtfulness put forth by the chef.
I will admit I was slightly surprised to find a dish that is typically classified as ‘asian’ to be listed on an italian menu but after enjoying luca d’italia’s hamatchi crudo, the bar has been raised in my book. 
Written by Jaime
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