Easter has always been an important holiday to me. It signifies the resurrection of jesus christ + the rebirth of so much around us. Spring is a powerful time of year + brings so much opportunity to our everyday.

This holiday became more personal after I was baptized at the age of 27. It was something I always wanted to do as an adult but put off for years. Before I was baptized, confirmed + had my 1st communion, I took 6 months of classes, 2 nights a week, at my local parish (where ryan + I got married too!). Then, I received all 3 sacraments on the same night, easter vigil. The candle-lit ceremony was extremely emotional + intimate. My grandma was my sponsor + stood by my side through the entire ceremony. I could not have been more proud to declare myself in front of god with my grandma by my side and my friends + family watching onward from the pews. Since then, easter has meant more to me than just easter egg hunts + pastels.

Yet, don’t get me wrong, easter eggs + pastels do play a significant role in the celebratory nature of easter. My family + ryan’s too, both have holiday traditions that focus around family, gratitude + love.

For years I have hosted easter brunch with my family and a rotating group of friends. The menu planning is nearly as much fun as joining everyone at the table for a delicious meal. Likewise, ryan’s family’s easter egg hunt is something I always look forward to as well; adults + kids scrambling around to fill their baskets with the most colorful eggs. Cohen will get to participate this year + I cannot wait to see him jump in on the action.

I am grateful that easter has such an importance in my life, both religiously + personally with my family. In the coming years, I cannot wait to introduce it all to my children and explain the importance of this holiday. My hope is for both my son + daughter to foster traditions into their lives that help build memories, gratitude, strength + family values to take with them as they grow. As a lover of tradition + gathering together around a table to break bread, I cannot wait to share that passion with my children. So, to you my lovely readers, I wish you a fabulous easter weekend ahead!

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Written by Jaime
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