Last week the rio grande hosted a re-launch party to showcase their new menu items, now available at all 6 denver-metro locations, and invited me to join. The event was full of media/local bloggers and we got an exclusive opportunity to hear the GM talk about the changes made on the back end (think new bar layout = faster drinks and a better customer experience) and of course, had the chance to try the new menu.

The rio has done a major re-haul to their bar menu; tweaking their small plates and adding an entirely new cocktails list. While the new skinny margarita was quite tasty, and only 174 calories, I was most impressed with the rio’s coin margarita. Premium cuervo platino tequila was expertly mixed with cointreau, which has a great balance of sweet and bitter flavors. A scoop of ice, a squeeze of fresh lime and a orange twist in a cold low-ball glass finish things off. Not only does the coin marg have a great balanced flavor, its very smooth too. You can taste the alcohol but it is not over powering. Pair the coin with some crispy jalapeno caps or the rio’s queso and you are sitting pretty in my eyes.

this post was not sponsored by the rio; these are just my thoughts which I wanted to share with you, my lovely readers after attending an event at the rio.

Written by Jaime
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